Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guitar and me

Watsup people! After my birthday I decided to take up the guitar for good, but the story of "guitar and me" goes way back. The first guitar lessons I had were at my high school, Waterford Kamhlaba back in 2002. CC, my guitar teacher, who incidentally was my Economics teacher, taught me a few basic songs like "Bailamos" and "Wild Thing", the lessons only lasted one term and I guess I wasn't too motivated to extend them.

In 2006 I decided to buy a guitar, I just bought the first one I saw, a transluscent green acoutic one with metal strings, hey it looked cute. Then I found a new tutor Albino Mbie (shout out to the man), this young cat was flippin good but he dissed my guitar sayin it wasn't good for beginners. He taught me from the drawing board cause I'd forgotten everything CC taught me. It was painful, I don't think any other instrument is as painful to play. Other than the pain for some reason I still wasn't fully into it, but he kept telling me I have what it takes to become a great player including the look! About 3 months later he won a scholarship to Berkley University in California (that's how good he was!). Before he left, I bought one of his classic nylon stringed acoustic guitars. So I had two guitars in my room...yet I did not even touch them, not until 2008. I got yet ANOTHER instructor, a friend of Albino's called Baloo (like the Jungle Book Baloo, kinda  looked like him too!). I didn't want to be taught at home, cause with Albino he always asked to borrow my stuff, movies, books and a dictionary that he never returned, so I didn't want to bathe in the same waters twice. We chose a location, one of his relative's house in the inner city about 6kms away from my house. Driving there was hell, especially at rush hour which was the only time that suited us both. I got easily bored, he wasn't a bad teacher, maybe it was the distance or the fact that he kept asking for money, but for some reason I termitated the lessons telling him I was short for time. He'd send me messages asking when we could resume the lessons, I'd always make up excuses and eventually stopped returning his sms'.

Regardless, I always saw beauty in a guitar player jamming, what Carlos Santana does to the guitar is amazing, he doesn't even have to talk, the guitar talks for him. Sara Tavares is the woman of my dreams, beautiful, natural dreads and an angelic voice accompanied by an accoustic guitar, my GOD what a woman! And everytime I saw guitar players, whether live or on the tube, that desire to play would come to life.

In 2009, I gave the metal stringed guitar away to a friend that was in a bit of a low point in life. We made plans to hook up with a guitar instructor and take up lessons together. My friend was completely disorganized, on two occasions he couln't set up the meeting. So we just left it at that.

In 2010 my father began playing the piano daily, after it had been accumulating dust for the past 2 years. Seeing my father play with such dedication motivated me to take another shot at the guitar. He had a tutor at the "Escola de Musica de Moçambique", in the spur of the moment I told him I wanted to take up the guitar, this time for good, he thought it was a marvellous idea saying how an instrument can take you outside of all the worries. My dad's piano instructor hooked me up with the first instructor she came accross, a middle aged Cuban immigrant called Eladio Marcet. He looked serious enough, but after the first lesson I realized that I was gonna have a tough time understanding what the heck he was saying, trust me Tony Montana's accent is nothing compared to his thick Spanish/Portuguese mash-up. At times I had to ask him to repeat himself 3 or 4 times. Once again I started form ground zero, he taught me the proper posture, position, he showered me with theory, upon theory, upon theory, guitar staffs and all this stuff I couldn't find myself revising.
He always said, "tienes de practicar mais!!".
I'd dose off in his lessons, maybe it was the theory maybe it was the time (8:40am was too early for me at that time). Then he started skipping lessons. I'd wait in the school halls and he wouldn't show up. I'd call him and he'd tell me he was at the hospital tending to his sick wife or having car problems or something, all these delays put me off, and eventually I just stopped going there. We haven't spoken since.

One day in late 2010, I bumped into that friend of mine. He looked beat up, at 24 he was at University studying psychology, but had mediocre grades, paraded around lonely and couldn't get a date. He had taken up Taekwondo twice and quit, he had no other hobbies apart from playing the playstation, his conversations were generic, I'd known him for five years but right there talking to him I came to one conclusion, he had no self-esteem, the man was lost in life. At that moment in time I had a string of hobbies, swimming, asthanga yoga, tennis, creative writing, staying informed on current affairs, but I wasn't happy at my part time job and I didn't have a girl. I didn't want to be or end up like him. To add insult to injury he too hadn't touched the guitar in ages.

I did not want to quit learning, I'd had four different instructors and none of them worked out. It was in my grandma's 90th birthday party, November 6th, 2010, where I saw a prodigal kid playing the guitar. He left everybody's mouths agape. Sometime after the performance I approached him, congratulating him then asking him where he learnt how to play, he simply said, "on YouTube", in awe I exclaimed, "you got that good just by watching videos?!" and he replied, "yeah", and he summarily excused himself cause his family was about to leave. That kid must have been 12 years old, if a little kid like that could to that, I could do that. When I got home that same day I began searching for guitar sites. I found, which is so brilliant, it gives you the chords, the scales, the different tunings and other cool stuff. I began to self-teach, firstly by learning all major, minor and sharp/flat chords, revising them hours on end. At first it was painful, chords like D9 were close to impossible to play, my arm kept complaining, my wrist hurt, my finger tips were sore, I'd play take a break every five minutes. Yet I was tanacious, I had cramps on my hands for almost two weeks but refused to put the instrument down. I applied an anti-inflammatory gel to soothe my hands and began exercising my hands with a hand grip before playing. The cramps eventually went away and instead I've got permanent blisters on the tips of my left index, middle, ring and pinky, numbing all the pain. I bought an electronic chromatic tuner, this time inspecting well before the purchase. Then I found another neat site, giving me access to over 10400 guitar chords for different songs. I made a list, Bryan Adams (Heaven, Please forgive me), Michael Jackson (Black or White, Give into me, The way you make me feel), Enrique Iglesias (Escape), Nickleback (Hero), Eagles (Hotel California), Mariah Carey (Angels Cry), Celine Dion (My heart will go on), Ray J (Can we fall in love). I figured I didn't need to learn how to read notes on a staff and found the process to go much smoother, many of the greats don't know much theory. Ever since I've practised EVERY DAY. I've subscribed to some online tutors on youtube and stream videos after midnight (happy hour!).

I plan to excel at this instrument, I love what it does to me. I kill time with it, it makes me more creative and it's an escape. Ever since I started playing, I found a part-time job that I like, I've been meeting more girls, somehow things are falling more into place. I see myself serenading ladies one day, I see myself performing my own compositions one day. I believe my new hobby is improving every area of performance, opening new chanels in my brain. Sounds a bit overzealous but it's the best thing that's happened to me lately, I'd rather stay home playing the guitar than going out to get trashed in some party. This is my new passion and it's a never ending school I intend to keep going!

Edgar Munguambe 261210

Monday, November 8, 2010


I sit on my chair and contemplate this November 8th
A few things were great about this past year
Yet I still see hurdles jump
My number 1 objective is to finish my degree
Shit happened before but mark my words I’m back for that award
With distinction, wanna bet?
You can’t buy education, I ain’t just talking academically I’m talking intelligence
I’ve met a bunch of my dear Mozambique’s urban youth that never read a single book
But they think they rule town, flossing pictures on facebook
Anyways media and communication are the medium through which I vent my creation
Events, a language or two, comic books, poetry books, slams, radio programs too many plans versus one lifespan
I can be lazy when unmotivated
Extremely driven when inspired
But I found a formula, if I maintain momentum I’ll never need to get back on track
My work ethic’s a chain reaction
I’m like a snowball, once rolling I grow exponentially
You can’t imagine my potential!
For those who knew me, you don’t know me
For those who know me, my hommies, you are my testimonies
Girls of past since November last, you know who you are
Privately I showed you me, poetic, athletic, academic
I look fresh to death cause I take care of my health
From my twisted dreads to my toned physique
I’m not full of me, in fact I’m quite low key
Cause I could brag about my family, mon...
...Hey let’s now even go there
Bottom line girls and acquaintances alike,
If you don’t give any feedback, I’ll just leave it at that
I don’t chase waterfalls, after all it’s not my fault you don’t see the full picture
I thank the rest of you all the birthday love, giving me more motivation for climbing up!!
Happy birthday to me, this is Ed signing out!!
1 luv


Friday, October 8, 2010

Presidential Seal Falls During Speech

Mr President had a great comeback, funny and brilliant!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brian McKnight - Anytime

Good r&b made in the 90's, when it wasn't all just about sex

Monday, September 20, 2010

I miss you so much

You left without saying goodbye
I can’t blame you for not playing favourites, weather girl or guy
I’ve got to keep busy and not dwell on these things
Otherwise it’s a method to my madness…

...but I can’t help it…

I miss you so much
I hope we stay in touch

I knew it before but now that you’re far
I reflect more on the great person that you are
There’s facebook, skype, msn and twitter
But nothing compared to being with you

...That’s why I can’t help it...

I miss you so much
I hope we stay in touch

The hard truth is you are miles apart
I know you had to go and do your thing
You’ve got your goals and dreams to live
But I can’t help it, I wish you were here

I miss you so much
I hope we stay in touch (x 2)
A feeling so helpless, helpless
I miss you so much

Edgar Munguambe 200910

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still not over you

Still not over you (spicy thai ballad pt 4)

I’ve said this before, I can’t get over you
I saw you with another guy
All I could say was “hi”
All you did was reply with that smile I loved to compliment
Then away you went, hand in hand
You and another man are F-U-C-K-I-N-G
First comes a love, then comes marriage,
Then comes the baby in a golden carriage
I am jealous
But what’s the use?! Do I want you back? I’m so confused

Why am I still not over you?
I’m still not over you
What’s the use? I’m so confused
I’m still not over you (x 2)

I’m your cyber stalker, viewing your profile again and again
If an event requires your RSVP,
 Even if it’s definitely maybe
I attend in hopes to see your face,
It's usually the case where you don't show up at the place
Though last Saturday you did
Saw you from far in the club, my heart skipped a beat
I couldn’t even sum up the courage to talk to you
Why am I feeling so odd around someone I loved?
I know your parts,
That smile, brings a wrinkle on the left and a dimple on the right
That birthmark on your inner thigh
That beauty mark above your eye
Just to name a few, we were so intimate, me and you
 So why can’t we ever go beyond “hi”?!
But what’s the use?!  Do I want you back? I’m so confused


But wait a sec, thinking of your flaws in retrospect
You’ve stood me up in the cold
 At times you wouldn’t return my calls
Leaving me to sleep and awake with a broken heart
Apologies full of “I love yous” in the afternoon
Only to repeat it all over again and again
You caused me pain, why would I want you back? I’m so confused


Edgar Munguambe 140410

I can't get over you

Me performing "I can't get over you" @ Gil Vicente bar, Maputo

I can't get over you (spicy thai ballad pt 3)

I haven’t seen you since last September, it’s been so long
But I still remember what you had on.
You donned an orange top, golden cornrows and some flops
I wanted us to have lunch,
But tick tock you were in a rush,
So you caught a cab and that was the last of us
Soon after that I had to go to college,
Errands and bad timing didn’t permit us to say goodbye, I acknowledge it
Time passed, as a matter of fact,
It’s been a year since we had any contact
When I came back home
I called you but you must have changed your phone
Because all I heard was a busy tone
I could have visited you by surprise,
But I held my pride
Telling myself I would move on but it was all lies
Every time I pass by the restaurant where I first saw you,
I think about the first moment that inspired the first poem I wrote you
Cupid struck me as I crossed the threshold,
You had me at hello,
And I still walk around with that arrow
Every time I see a fine girl in the distance,
My heart flutters for an instant,
Could it be you? It never is, how can I get out of this trance?
My mind keeps playing tricks
Even when I’m scrolling through my cellphone pics
My homegirl even asked, “Who is that chick?
Besides all the cell pics of your other peeps,
You look at that one with a glow in your eyes that never lies”
I can’t get over you.
Is it so obvious that your memory is not oblivious?
This is vicious
I even hooked up,
But needless to say, I couldn’t fall in love
I would kiss her, thinking of you
And the first time we kissed under the full moon
It was profound and deep,
I even pinched myself to check if I was asleep
It didn’t take a while to see that this new relationship was futile
From time to time she would say or do,
Something that reminded me of you
I called it quits, I was through
Because I can’t get over you, that’s the truth
Though there are lots of girls to mingle,
For months I then tried to stay single,
I thought it would be the best way to deal with it, yet still,
What we had was so real
I can’t get over you, it’s an ordeal
You are on my mind all the time, what a common rhyme
Those memories, those dates, your messages, your body,
Your walk, your talk, your lips, your kiss, your photos, your odour,
I give up! I’m letting my guard down.
I’ll put this pen down and come around
To say it in your eyes that though time flies
I just can’t get over you, I love you
                                                                                                   Edgar Munguambe  050607

The girl from the Spicy Thai

The girl from the Spicy thai (Spicy Thai Ballad pt 2)

It must have been around a quarter to five
The setting was CocoNuts live
Clubbing isn’t exactly my way of life
I must have walked a thousand times around the club
Looking for consolation for the excessive money I’d wasted
The music was loud and it was the same old crowd
I kept wondering what I was doing there
I leaned towards the balcony of the VIP, overseeing the dance floor
I scanned it, for nothing in particular
Then my eyes stopped, as I recognized a figure
Soft cinnamon-like skin, a picture perfect grin
and in the company of two friends from the orient?
I’d only seen her once before, but I was sure this was the girl from the Thai restaurant
The one that left me smitten, for over a year I wondered if I’d ever see her
My face lit up but I hesitated to man up
My shoulder angel and devil once again rebelled
-“Your heart is saying go”
-“ But your gut is saying no”
-“You’re a shy guy”
-“But you can spread your wings and fly, you’re in it to win”
- “Don’t listen to him, she’s a perfect 10, she’ll give you the hand”
- “If that’s so at least you’ll know. Make your move, people are leaving and the clock is ticking”
- “You don’t even have a pick up line”
- “Like what? Aren’t you tired from running across my mind?”
And then I said, “hush you two, I’m just going to tell her the truth”
So I took one big breath and I went down the flight of steps and to the left
I beamed a smile, that inspired her another smile
Then I said softly to her ear, “I wrote you a poem last year”
She replied with an overwhelmed smile, “really?”
I said, “You once placed my order at the Spicy Thai. When you brought the bill, I realized I’d forgotten my wallet. Silly me, I’m that guy!”
“Oh yeah I remember your face! I left the restaurant for my uncle’s place”
-“I noticed you left, I always wondered where you went”
She laughed, “Me and my friends are about to leave, but give me your number please”
-“Definitely, 082932102”
We exchanged names and she said, “I’ll text you before I go to bed”
-“OK, it was a pleasure”
A kiss on each cheek and that was the wrap
Inside I was a nervous wreck but I took the 1st step to full effect
I made a fist with my sweaty hands and said to myself, “YES!!”
I was so over the moon, I told the people I knew that the girl had my number and she’d call me soon
They were too drunk to care less but I’d slam dunked and I had to get it of my chest
-“Yes!!!”, to the beat I said, “YES, Oh God, YES!!”
Although my inbox was empty when I shut my eyes, I called it a night
The next day, I was daydreaming of her in the morning
Anxious for her text in the afternoon
Watching the clock tick in the evening
But in my heart I knew she hadn’t deceived me
Then at night beep beep “Hi, I’m the girl from the Spicy Thai. This is my number. Smooch”
By then my smile was following me
She texted me before she went to bed, literally
And that’s how it started, my heart would never be the same
Edgar Munguambe 220809

Spicy Thai Ballad

Julius Nyerere Avenue, this quiet thursday night, September ninth
I was walking towards the Thai restaurant after my stomach reminded me to feed my system. Earphones glued to my ears, i-Pod playing in stereo.
I crossed a friend on the way, said hi and walked away.
Life resumed, it was just another night I presumed.
I wasn’t prepared for such a warm reception.
No it can’t be what I did see.
No, my mind’s dreaming at home, roaming, I’m yawning, falling asleep,
I couldn’t be falling for her…deep.
She had me at “hello” as I crossed the threshold.
I’m fading (exhale), she was sympathetic, baby girl just had it.
Her description could take a while,
soft, cinnamon-like skin, you should have seen her pearly smile.
Hair was wavy like a newborn baby’s.
Reminiscent of my first real crush,
except she was Mozambican flavoured, baby girl gave me a rush!
-“Boa noite”, she welcomed effervescently.

Err what am I here for? Ohh I can hear my stomach roar, that’s it

- “Boa noite, eu venho encomendar um arroz, qual é que recomendas?”.

Smooth Ed, except there was something else you shoulda said

I couldn’t think, GOD this girl was alluring, she smiled first, she smiled back, through those perky rosy lips.
I was so clumsy, I could have accidentally sinked in them.

What am I here for again? Oh yeah I’m hungry

She suggested fried rice with eggs and spice.
I placed my order…this girl…despite of my eye disorder.
After all this time, that I was strolling through cloud nine,
ironically I forgot my money. I couldn’t find a coin, note or wallet in my pockets.
I did react, got up and said I’d be right back.
She turned to me and said they needed my contact.
-“082932102”, I recited
I should have made a remark, instead I ran back looking for scraps like a hood rat.
How could I have forgotten my credit card, I’m such a retard.
Anyways, I grabbed it and took some time to spray some Baldessarini.
Walked back, now she could hear me.
-“Demorei?”, I asked in a quirky tone.
She gave off a chuckle, just then I wanted to hold her, buckled.
I walked through to pay my due, I’m 100% she smelt my scent.
Picked up my pack, insured I left an impact,
though not sufficient in my eyes. I said goodbye.
As I walked back I turned seeing she was looking at me.
Heartthrob, that is the real meaning you see.
Immortalized in this Spicy Thai Ballad.
                                                                                      Edgar Munguambe Maputo, 100904

The evolution of hair

The evolution of hair, this is something I'm passionate about. Falling under the love in "Life, love and lyrics". Hair is such a big issue among people of African descent. People go through such extent to chemically straighten, blow up, add extensions, add braids, add weaves and wigs. Most of these styles aren't even healthy, chemicals destroy the roots and extensions and weaves aren't particularly higienic (or cheap, going at $1000!). I always wonder why Africans in general don't embrace their natural hair, like back in the Black Panther days. Unmanageable? please, short hair, plats, afros and dreadlocks are not unmanegeable. You can always apply a softner if you feel the comb doesnt go through your Afro! I started my dreads in July 2007, some people questioned them, asking if I wash them, if I converted to Rastafarianism, assumed I was one. Camon!! Black people know so little about something that is originally African and timeless! Jerry curls came and went, the faded "MC hammer" style came and went, cornrows are dissapearing but dreads are timeless! I tell these people that dreadlocks, if well treated, compliment your natural beauty, are clean, and relatively cheap. It is a fashion statement, I'm showing the people that they do not have to be afraid of themselves

July 2007: This looks like a job for Nubian-Man!
Dreadlocks' humble beginnings 07/08/07

27/05/08 in negative




I gotta say, I'm quite satisfied 21/03/10