Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ray J - Can We Fall In Love

Monday, November 8, 2010


I sit on my chair and contemplate this November 8th
A few things were great about this past year
Yet I still see hurdles jump
My number 1 objective is to finish my degree
Shit happened before but mark my words I’m back for that award
With distinction, wanna bet?
You can’t buy education, I ain’t just talking academically I’m talking intelligence
I’ve met a bunch of my dear Mozambique’s urban youth that never read a single book
But they think they rule town, flossing pictures on facebook
Anyways media and communication are the medium through which I vent my creation
Events, a language or two, comic books, poetry books, slams, radio programs too many plans versus one lifespan
I can be lazy when unmotivated
Extremely driven when inspired
But I found a formula, if I maintain momentum I’ll never need to get back on track
My work ethic’s a chain reaction
I’m like a snowball, once rolling I grow exponentially
You can’t imagine my potential!
For those who knew me, you don’t know me
For those who know me, my hommies, you are my testimonies
Girls of past since November last, you know who you are
Privately I showed you me, poetic, athletic, academic
I look fresh to death cause I take care of my health
From my twisted dreads to my toned physique
I’m not full of me, in fact I’m quite low key
Cause I could brag about my family, mon...
...Hey let’s now even go there
Bottom line girls and acquaintances alike,
If you don’t give any feedback, I’ll just leave it at that
I don’t chase waterfalls, after all it’s not my fault you don’t see the full picture
I thank the rest of you all the birthday love, giving me more motivation for climbing up!!
Happy birthday to me, this is Ed signing out!!
1 luv