Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I was chilling below my building with my hommie
Having a laugh over the stories he just told me
An unexpected event then unfolded
An exotic beauty walked by, whose body moved to a rhythmic anthem,
She made me lose my momentum
Her hair billowed as she passed by,
looking at my hommie with a smile she said “Hi”
My jaw dropped as she walked
“Do you know her??”
“I’ve seen her around, forget it she’s out of your league, I don’t think she gets down”
My hommie waved a hand over my face,
I wasn’t there I was in space
Was I in heaven was I in paradise I couldn’t figure,
this girl was alluring through fullness of figure
My eyes were on her in a trace as she walked away…

A few days later I was in the cell shop
Over the cashier about to top up my phone
Then I heard a voice in a soft mellow tone
In a stupor I turned, it was her.
She asked the attendant for airtime
While I stood there thinking, “man this girl is fine…”
She paid, got her top up and her aroma followed her as she left in no time
She whisked me away,
I was about to follow her when the attendant said, “hey, you’ve still got to pay!”,
pointing his finger at me as if I was so cunning,
when I only wanted to introduce myself to that honey
“Sorry here’s your money”
Then I ran outside looking to the sides, she was gone with no trace besides her aroma, she was gone…

Saturday night I was in the club, with my cousin and her hub.
I was the odd one out, the one without love
I was dancing to the sound of the DJ above with my cous
Trying to have fun sober, whilst people were drunk and high allover
As I spun I saw her on the banister coming down
I lost my flow and stepped on my cousin’s toe
The girl saw it and laughed, whilst my cousin shouted, “watch your steps!”
I said, “My bad”, then I looked back and the girl wasn’t there
My eyes darted but I’d lost her track. Once again she walked away…

I went home and felt like the night was unfulfilling and silly, I acted unwillingly.
The next day was a quiet Sunday, I had nothing on my agenda.
My mind wondered about that exotic girl, ‘who is she? where does she live? Did I blow it, will I ever see her again?’
And then my phone rang
“Hi…”…a soft mellow voice
“Hi, I got your number from a common friend, I hope it’s no prob, see I saw you at the club and also the other day buying airtime, I know girls don’t usually do this but can we meet up sometime?”
I said, “Believe it or not from the moment I saw you that was my aim but I had no game”
“That’s the thing about you, that’s cute in a clumsy sort of way”
I laughed, “it’s a date then, just one thing, what’s your name?....”

    Edgar Munguambe

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